The latest election in Great Britain displayed the United States what a lot of us have recognized all along. The conventional perspective is nicely enforced plus in play in both places. It’s apparent to just one that has 50 % a brain that traditional views equate to the trickle down view of the controlling oligarchy ruling class. From the time Richard Nixon every President since has backed it misguided idea of the trickle down theorists. It’s this particular conventional perspective which has just improved the wealth disparity gap to unprecedented proportions.

Conservative views

American dream

Since 1970 the wealth disparity gap has undermined the American way of living and damaged the “American Dream” for countless Americans. Nevertheless, the voting public continues the delusion by voting Republican conservatism in nearly every election. The 3 Democratic Presidents since the 1970’s although not much endorsed republican conservatism did absolutely nothing to shut the wealth gap and enhance countless American possibilities at acquiring that almost all elusive “American Dream.”