The Conservative View

The latest election in Great Britain displayed the United States what a lot of us have recognized all along. The conventional perspective is nicely enforced plus in play in both places. It’s apparent to just one that has 50 % a brain that traditional views equate to the trickle down view of the controlling oligarchy ruling class. From the time Richard Nixon every President since has backed it misguided idea of the trickle down theorists. It’s this particular conventional perspective which has just improved the wealth disparity gap to unprecedented proportions.

Conservative views

American dream

Since 1970 the wealth disparity gap has undermined the American way of living and damaged the “American Dream” for countless Americans. Nevertheless, the voting public continues the delusion by voting Republican conservatism in nearly every election. The 3 Democratic Presidents since the 1970’s although not much endorsed republican conservatism did absolutely nothing to shut the wealth gap and enhance countless American possibilities at acquiring that almost all elusive “American Dream.”

Today, we’ve two Democratic Presidential candidates that still draw substantial public assistance but have been ostracized, dismissed by the press as well as the own Democratic party of theirs such as the fellow members of theirs of Congress. It’s many members and the press of Congress although who’re indebted to Corporate Conglomerates. In England the conservative party which will continue to rule is primarily funded by the Bank of England that by the manner in which is sympathetic and connected to the Rothschild’s similar to the Federal Reserve.


Nowadays, one can understand why the press and a lot of members of Congress are performing every single thing feasible in attempting to sabotage these 2 Presidential candidates from actually getting the Democratic Nomination. The Progressive movement of FDR pulled the nation from the Depression. plus stimulated the economic system to heights don’t before seen. Unfortunately though for more than fifty years federal policies have only entrenched the trickle down strategy in working with the economic system. As we’re seeing today the trickle down theory just has entrenched the ruling class which has separated itself from the majority of the country. To preserve their status quo is crucial for them to continue a tight hold on their their, control, and power wealth.

Conventional views

When we’ve 2 progressive applicants earning substantial assistance of the general public which are considered a risk to the command of theirs with the country as well as the money of theirs by the elites they are going to go out of the approach of theirs to prevent them develop buying a hold of the reigns of power in government. Trickle down economics has never worked to bring back the vigor, the health, and also the economic development of a country. We notice it in England and also in the United States how much the conventional view has and it is inflicting upon both countries. Rebuilding the Democratic way of governing is contrary to the conservative movement we’re seeing in both nations now.

In case the voting public is delusional of exactly what a conservative agenda is performing as well as has inflicted on this nation we will be a good idea to look again in history to comprehend the expertise of what many former Presidents have performed in utilizing a progressive agenda. In each and every instance progressive platforms has constantly enhanced a nations power to restore financial vitality for all. Today, we desperately have to have a progressive agenda which only these 2 Presidential candidates will provide for this country.

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